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It’s raining cats! 🐱☔️

From Too Cute Kitten Rescue

It’s raining ☔️ 🐱! If you see an add “Free kitten to good home” please help educate them! Vaccinations are absolutely critical for the success of a kitten. Kittens need a series of 3 FVCRP vaccinations 3-4 weeks apart. Vaccinations can be obtained by local vets, Tractor Supply, and TCKR Can help too.

A virus 🦠 called Panleukopenia can kill a baby kitten in days. This is PREVENTABLE with vaccinations.

Consider getting kittens spay & neutered prior to adoption. Kittens can make babies as early as *5-months* We take kitties weekly to Mexicali and it’s very affordable! $45 male and $55 female. If you do adopt to someone...make up a contract for them to spay & neuter within 30 days of adoption.

Please please ask for an adoption fee! Remember if you give a kitten away..anyone can pick it up. Let’s help educate so we can be the voice for the kittens of our Valley.


If you are interested in adopting, fostering, or making a donation, you can contact TCKR through their website

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