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30 Days to a Healthier Pet Challenge

Would you like your furry friends 🐶🐱 to take part in our 30-days To A Healthier Pet Challenge? 

Do any of these issues sound familiar?

We are looking for dedicated pet parents to try our customized holistic nutrition plan, specifically designed for your fur babies by our amazing Veterinary Panel for 30 days!


You will fill out a FREE pet profile on our site and have multiple customized nutrition plan options to choose from 

✅ You will be required to take a before and after picture and share your testimonial after 30 days! 


😍 You’ll get 20% off your first order of products to try (up to $100 off your order of $500 or more) 

😍 Receive a FREE bag of treats once the challenge is completed ($14.99 value) 

😍 And leave with a happier, healthier pet - Guaranteed or your money back! 🎉 (Priceless)

😍FREE Overnight Stay (Up to $32. Value) 

Common issues that we support are:

• Anxiety / Anxious pets

• Pets with Joint discomfort or aches & pains

• Pets with allergies, dry, itchy skin / ears

• Picky Pets

• Pets with digestive health concerns 

(bad gas, loose stool, diarrhea, occasional vomiting)

• Aging pets (dogs in their twilight years)

• Puppies - potty training supplies and food/treats to get them on a solid foundation

• Much, MUCH more!! 

Are YOU up for the challenge?? 


TEXT 30DayChallenge to (760) 353-7833

Or DM us on Facebook Or Instagram with interest!! 

Your pets will thank you!! 

Please help us impact MORE pets lives by sharing this opportunity with friends and family who have pets. A Challenge is more fun with friends! 

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