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5 Benefits for Dog Daycare.

How often do you come home from work to your dog and find a mess- trash can be turned over and emptied all over, poop and pee stinking up your living room floor, or even your furniture was torn up and chewed on? Or what about those sad puppy eyes when putting then in their kennel or crate when you leave? The howls and cries to be let out as you head through your car to work making you feel awful leaving your puppy in doggie jail. Separation Anxiety and boredom can lead to destructive behavior when we leave our pups alone. Thankfully we offer daycare services! There are several advantages dog daycare offers.

1. Your dog won't be alone all day.

It's a given. When you leave the dog in daycare at Buddy Sweets, you are leaving him with highly trained staff. You know he won't be alone.

2. Your dog won't be bored.

Because your pup won't be alone, there is 0 chance he will be bored. That means LOTS OF playtimes!

3. Socialization

Staying in daycare with other dogs provides your pup with the opportunity to play and socialize with other dogs. Just like us, dogs need social interaction to stay happy and healthy! Our staff is trained to make sure all social interactions are appropriate and safe.

4. You get peace of mind.

With your pup staying at Buddy Sweets for daycare, you know your dog will be safe and will not get himself into trouble. You know he will be taken care of just like he would at home!

5. It's Affordable.

At Buddy Sweets, we understand pet care is expensive. That’s why we offer multiple ways to help you save money! Between our packages and memberships, there is a price point that fits anyone’s budget and needs!

When you are ready for daycare or want to try us out, call or text is at (760) 353-7833 so we can help you and your dog get started!

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