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5 Reasons to Take Virtual Dog Training Classes

The COVID-19 pandemic changed our world as we had known it. Months of quarantine meant a lot of us had plenty of time for a new furry family member. With the pandemic still a danger, going out and doing most “normal” things like taking dog training classes. What is the best way to train your puppy is virtual! Taking an online dog training class is the next best thing (if not better) that traditional in-person group classes. Here are # reasons why to take a virtual dog training class.

  1. You train at home. You don’t have to travel to where the class meets, so there is no hassle trying to get your puppy’s harness and leash on or wrestling your dog to get into the car.

  2. No visitors. No need to make sure your home is tidy enough for visitors. There is no need for the dog trainer to come to you physically when you can schedule a video chat!

  3. Save money. Many trainers add travel fees to their fees, which can up the cost of training. Taking classes online or virtually eliminates the need for travel fees, making them more affordable.

  4. Social Anxiety. Some people and dogs do not do well in groups of people or dogs. Taking a virtual course can help ease any potential stress that taking a traditional group class would cause.

  5. Fun for the Whole Family. Since you are at home, the entire family can take an active part in the training sessions.

If you are ready to sign up for virtual classes but not sure where to start, you can schedule a FREE training consultation with our trainer!

At Buddy Sweets, we are proud to announce our K9 Academy. Dog Training for Dog People. Group virtual classes start in September! Register today.

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