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Should You Protect Your Pets with Pet Health Insurance?

Dogs & Cats Are Family Members.

Should You Protect Them with Pet Health Insurance?

Pets are family. You protect them like they're your own (furry) children; feeding, bathing, and even clothing them. When your four-legged friend is hurt or sick, you worry about their wellbeing and, unfortunately, whether or not you can afford the bill. Sticker shock is all too real for those faced with a triple- or even quadruple-digit debt to their veterinarian.

Boston terrier Bandit racked up quite the bill when he gulped down a pacifier, requiring emergency surgery. Typically, the procedure would cost Bandit’s parents over $1,000; instead, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance reimbursed his pet parent, Karey Lynn Jones, $999.

"I would rather lose my house than put my dog to sleep over something like this," says Jones. "But I understand how some families or owners may have to make a tough decision like that."

Pet medical care is becoming more expensive due to advances in veterinary technology. As a result, more people are choosing to protect themselves from unexpected veterinary bills with a quality pet health insurance plan.

A little research on yields Healthy Paws Pet Insurance as the favorite in the category. It's the #1 customer-rated pet insurance plan due to their commitment to customer service and support, as well as access to the best pet insurance coverage available.

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