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We Are Growing!

We are getting bigger! And we owe all of our success to YOU. So to say thank you for all of our awesome pet parents, we are rolling out a new referral and rewards program-Buddy Sweets Sweet Rewards!

What is Buddy Sweets Sweet Rewards?

Buddy Sweets Sweet Rewards is a referral and rewards program that will be rolled out in phases. Phase one is the referral program and phase 2 launching later a points system. This is our way to give back to you for helping us grow!

How does Buddy Sweets Sweet Rewards work?

It's simple and easy! You, hand out a referral voucher (like this one below) and hand it over to someone you know can benefit from our services with your name and phone number that we have on file.

Next, your referral will contact us to schedule a meet and greet before the date of their first service. Then, at check out of their first service, their 10% discount will be applied to their overall total AND you will get $5 credit towards your next service! There is no limit to the amount of credit you can earn, however, only existing clients can take advantage of this benefit; that means you have to have stayed with us at least once in the past year! Trust us, using our services regularly does come with some extra hidden benefits you will have to discover on your own.

What about the loyalty points?

More information will be released soon! We are still working on making sure we have the best rewards for you and your fur babies!

When will the program start?

The referral program will start soon, keep a lookout for that email and Facebook post! We will let you know in as many ways possible.

NEW Clients: To schedule a Meet & Greet Click HERE

Existing Clients: To schedule your reservation call/text us at (760) 353-7833, email us at, or Click HERE


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