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10 Facts About Huskies You Need To Know Before You Get One. #100DogBreedChallenge

There is no doubt the Siberian Husky is absolutely beautiful. Born to run, this mesmerizing creature has strong wild roots but is graceful enough to work a catwalk. But this working dog needs both mental and physical exercise. Huskies were designed to love to race, pull sleds or carts, or to go backpacking. Because he also loves people, this socialite make an affectionate, gentle, and playful companion (for the right owner) who enjoys being a part of the family. If you cannot keep up with this high energy breed and cannot give him all the attention he needs, you may want to reconsider getting a Siberian Husky. A bored Siberian Husky is destructive indoors and an expert escape artist outside (and sometimes inside too). Huskies are very strong willed, with an intense hunting drive - again, not the best dog for beginners. Keep reading to learn more about this majestic breed.


Breed by the Chukchi people of Siberia as a sled dog, the breed was introduced to the United States in the 1900s for sled racing. It achieved AKC recognition in 1930 and was taken ip bu U.K. breeders in the early 1970s, becoming increasingly popular even today through pop culture hits like Game of Thrones.

2. Color and Variety

Huskies can come in a variety of colors including black, white, tan, gray, red brown, and sable. You can often find them with striking head markings and beautiful coat patterns. But don't be surprised if the husky puppy you got ends up looking totally different as an adult over time their coat can change color! Their eyes are just a breathtaking. You can stare into icy blue eyes, brown, parti-color or even one blue and one brown!

3. Friendly Nature

These dogs are very social and do well in families with older kids that can help provide attention and exercise! I definitely do not recommend this dog if you have babies or toddlers around, they can play pretty rough!


Grooming is relatively easy. Their weatherproof coat is pretty easy to take care of! Brushing your husky at least once a week with a pin-wire brush will make sure you have shedding under control, however huskies will heavily molt twice a year.

5. Exercise

Huskies are very high energy dogs; they were born to run and wander. Adult huskies need at least 4 miles of exercise a day! These guys give the Energizer Bunny a run for his money. I highly recommend keeping these guys on a leash when you walk them. They will wander off on their own and you might find yourself struggling to get them back to you.

6. Trainability

Huskies are incredibly smart and great problem solvers, but they are very independent. Obedience training is necessary and huskies respond very well to positive reinforcement, however don't expect your husky to be show ready. Patience is very important when training and huskies will benefit from early socialization.

7. Social

Huskies are very social dogs. They are quick to get a long with other dogs but if challenged, won't back down. Because of their strong hunting instincts, they will chase just about anything that moves. I'd recommend avoiding livestock. However, they do really well with cats so longs as they are properly socialized or raised along side cats.

8. Who a Husky Needs as an Owner.

If you have small children, work a lot, and stay home often, a husky is not for you. I Husky needs an owner or family that can provide all the attention and exercise they need. If you love to camp, go hiking, or otherwise very active and outdoorsy, a husky will do well as your partner in crime. If you cannot commit to providing anything a husky or other dog breed needs, don't get one.


A Husky's needs are simple, yet vital to their health and sanity (yours too). Given enough space to run around. This space also needs to be husky proof as they are professional escape artists. They are capable of doing just about anything to get where they want to go.

10. Health

There is not a lot of health issues to be aware of, they are a pretty healthy breed. However, regular checkups with a licensed veterinarian is strongly recommended.

Siberian Huskies are Beautiful, BUT....

Huskies are a beautiful breed with the capacity to provide unlimited affection. But they are not a dog for just anyone.

If you cannot commit to regular exercise, providing lots of space, time, and attention for your husky, reconsider getting one- they will be miserable and will take out their frustrations out on you and your furniture.

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