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April is National Canine Fitness Month

Why is National Canine Fitness Month important?

National Canine Fitness Month's goal is to promote an active and healthy lifestyle for our furry friends. Just like us, their human companions, dogs are susceptible to many health conditions caused by Obesity and sedentarism. Too much sitting and too many calories in the form of treats or poor nutrition choices often contribute to weight gain. Besides causing our furry friends to have sore joints, difficulty breathing, a higher risk for cancer, canine diabetes and other diseases, obesity also shortens their lives.

Unfortunately, sedentarism has become a normal part of our dogs' everyday lives. Playing, being outside, engaging and moving can help us give our dogs (and in-turn us) a longer, more healthy life. Canine Fitness Month encourages us to take a step toward a developing a healthier lifestyle and bond with our four-legged family members. And what better excuse than to make sure our dogs are happy?

How do we celebrate National Canine Fitness Month?

Get up and Go Outside!

  • Go for a walk. This one is easy. Going out for a walk with your furry friend will help get you and your dog out of the house and burning those calories. Amp up the intensity and fun by going on a jog or a run! Hiking is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors. Be sure to ask your doctor and your dog's vet to make sure everyone is healthy enough for exercise. While you are out, you can sport our new Official Dog Walker Tee.

  • Play Fetch- Fetch is the national past time for dogs and a great way to get practice some training skills and getting some energy burned. But not all dogs know how to play fetch! The good thing is you can teach your dog. Let us know if you'd like to learn more about how to teach your dog to play fetch and more.

  • Play the Find It Game or teach your dog scent work skills. Getting your dog to use her nose in all its power and glory is a fun way to get your dogs up and going. Teaching your dog to use

  • Teach your dog fun tricks! Teaching tricks is a fun way for your dog to get some exercise for their body and mind. Ask us about how we can help you teach your dogs tricks.

  • Dog Yoga. Do you enjoy yoga? If so, try doing yoga with your dog! One easy way to incorporate your dog into your yoga routine is to ask your dog to perform basic cues while your do your thing!

  • Agility- Agility is a sport like no other. Its a great way to test your dog's limits. Teaching your dog valuable skills to get through an agility course will be fun and rewarding for your and your dog. Ask us how to get started!

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