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Give Me a Kiss!

By Brooke Sloate

Love those doggie kisses, but hate that doggie breath? Dental care products will take care of that problem and more!

Good oral hygiene for dogs is very important to the overall health of your pet. Most dogs have oral disease by the age of 3.

Poor oral health results in:

· painful mouth conditions

· difficulty eating

· bad breath

· gum disease

· costly dental procedures

A recent study showed that two-thirds of pet owners don’t provide the basic dental care recommended by their veterinarians. We brush our teeth every day, and it’s important to do the same for your dog, but this is rarely done as it is very challenging to do.

So what CAN you do?

Dental chews are a popular solution and easy to find, but how do you know what’s best for your dog?

High quality dental sticks that break up in your dog’s mouth will help to control plaque and tartar on your dog’s teeth just through the mechanical action of chewing them. Dental chews that are hard and long-lasting don’t have the same effect. You should look for dental sticks that are easy for your dog to chew and break up, aneasy to digest.

How do they work?

The best way to think of it is to picture eating an Oreo cookie. That’s right! When you eat an Oreo, the cookie gets all over your teeth. Well, that’s exactly what happens with this type of dental chew; it literally has an “Oreo effect” in your dog’s mouth. That means, when they take a few bites and chew, it coats their teeth with the active ingredients -- which is key.

This “treat” form is really only the mode of application. It’s an easy and delicious way to get the active ingredients on their teeth…much easier than trying to brush their teeth daily!

What are the active ingredients I should look for?

Spearmint and parsley will have an immediate effect, getting into all the nooks and crannies in the mouth and helping to neutralize the bad breath.

The most important ingredient is sea algae which breaks down the biofilm – and layer upon layer upon layer of biofilm is what tartar is made of. This works unlike popular hard dental chews on the market, where you’re affecting only the bottom of the teeth when the problem is really at the top of the teeth, at the gum line. Also some of these hard dental chews contain gluten which essentially sticks to their teeth.

What else?

A low-carb diet will also help your dog maintain good oral hygiene, as they can’t break down carbs in their mouth because they lack the enzyme amylase. Therefore, high carb diets can result in tartar build-up in the mouth.

Oral hygiene is very important to the health of your dog. So it’s important to either brush their teeth daily, or give them a dental stick daily that’s effective in breaking down tartar.

At pawTree® we are committed to providing pet parents with a line of premium products to help pets thrive. Look for products from pawTree that include the recommended ingredients listed above, including our dental “treat” solution. (Dental pawTreats)

For more information about our pawTree products and what solutions we have for you or to request a sample please email us at or call/text us at (760) 353-7833

About Brooke…

Brooke Sloate, Director of Product Development at pawTree LLC, is passionate about solving problems for pets and creating products that truly make a difference to pet parents.

With over 20 years of experience in the pet industry working for a variety of pet companies prior to pawTree®, including Nature's Variety®, Hill’s®, Mars®, Petmate®, Applica® and Sergeant's®, Brooke has developed a wide range of innovative pet products including pet food, treats, and pet accessories.

Brooke enjoys the unconditional love of her family of Shih Tzus and responds by spoiling them every chance she gets!

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