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Take 20 % off Your First pawTree Order!

There is no better way to try new things that getting them at a great price! And the more you try the more you SAVE! For first time customers only, take 20% off your first order. Don’t forget to take advantage of EZ ship and get FREE SHIPPING with 3 or more qualifying items.

Not sure what to try first?

Take a look at some of these common issues... do they sound familiar?

Our products can help with all of these issues No Problem.

You can send us a message or text us the numbers of the issues you have and we can help make suggestions that will help.

Even better, You can create a pet profile for you pet HERE for a customized nutrition plan FREE. Get comprehensive product recommendations developed by veterinarians just for your pets!

Our favorites?

Let’s not forget about EZ Ship!

There is no reason no to try our pawTree products. They are the best of the best all natural, holistic products delivered straight to your door when you need them. no mess, no fuss. no worry. Every pawTree product is made right here in the USA!

If you’d like to learn more about our pawTree Products or would like a sample, send us an email at or call/text us at (760) 353-7833!

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